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Our extensive expertise and knowledge in implementing and managing Cloud solutions result in lower risks, reduced costs, increased security and maximum performance for your organisation now and in the future. Total peace of mind.

Cloud Solutions

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Cloud Solutions

Is your business fully supported in a fast-moving digital business transformation? ISUMO deliver bespoke Cloud ONLY or Hybrid Cloud services which enable you to take advantage of the flexible, scalable, reliable and secure Cloud environments, such as AWS, Azure or Private and optionally retain elements of your infrastructure in-house for greater resilience and supplier independence.

Our solutions, whether it’s physical, virtual, on-premise or off-premise, private Cloud or public platforms, will equip you with the agility your business needs to gain competitive advantage. At ISUMO, we design and supply a bespoke, flexible package for your exact requirements regardless of your business size or sector.

The benefits of Cloud Solutions:

Cost transformation – Cloud solutions provide huge scale and predictable monthly billing – a great option when upgrading or expanding core resources.

Scalability and control – businesses gain greater control over their data while increasing their agility to evolve and adapt to workload fluctuation.

Business continuity – Cloud environments have a positive impact on business continuity, reducing downtime and the associated costs.

Improved security and risk management – Cloud solutions promote control over data and reduce the potential exposure of data.

Support for remote workforce – firms can take advantage of flexible and accessible environments that allow remote workers to access data anytime, anywhere, driving up both productivity and efficiency.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared for an IT disaster? Businesses of all sizes should have robust backup and disaster recovery in place to avoid costly downtime as a result of data breaches or natural disasters. Many are unprepared with no plans in place should the unthinkable happen; leaving your business vulnerable could prove catastrophic.

At ISUMO, we partner Veeam, leaders in data protection. We utilise their enterprise software to not only ensure your business’ data is protected, but to restore data quickly and efficiently thanks to their intelligent recovery software. Monitoring and analytics also allow users to stay one step ahead at all times. ISUMO’s fully managed solution gives you peace of mind that your data is cared for and safe. Can you afford to take the risk? We will make sure you have an adequate disaster recovery plan in place.

The benefits of Cloud-based Backup & Disaster Recovery:

Flexibility and reduced downtime – Cloud-based solutions get you back up and running more quickly and efficiently, restoring data and systems to any location.

Reliability – testing of the disaster recovery plan is frequent and not disruptive to daily workloads.

Simple and efficient – Cloud-based solutions are quick and easy to deploy across an organisation and allows users remote access. It is consistent and easy to manage and support.

Cost-effective – solutions can be tailored to exact requirements of a firm, aligning costs with the size and complexity of IT backup and recovery needed.

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Hosted Telephony

The future is coming and a move to Cloud Telephony is inevitable! By 2025, BT will have completed the hotly anticipated ISDN switch-off, which means traditional phone systems will no longer be supported and therefore null and void.

Now is the time to consider your options moving forward – the best solution by far is to take your telephony to the Cloud! Everything is taken off-site and stored securely on a server that can be accessed via the internet, anytime, anywhere. It’s that simple.

ISUMO Hosted Telephony is suitable for businesses of all sizes and brings about vast productivity and efficiency benefits that could help take your business to the next level!

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The benefits of Hosted Telephony:

Improved control, access and efficiency – users gain improved access to connected devices and valuable data.

Scalable – buy into Hosted Telephony and see your solution adapt and grow as your business does!

Reduced costs – lower your bills without reducing quality, with one simple monthly cost. No maintenance costs as with SIP Trunks and IT overheads, etc.

Flexibility – employees can manage their calls wherever they are, facilitating remote workforces to operate more productively regardless of the device they’re using.

Features galore – depending on your exact requirements, we can add numerous call management features to suit your needs.

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