ISUMO can strengthen your network performance and provide solutions that deliver business impact – from a full audit to design and implementation, maintenance and support, we will create a service that optimises your network to peak performance!

We can specify one or all of these elements depending on your exact requirements and business goals. At ISUMO we recognise that when it comes to business, the ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work – our solutions are completely flexible!

Discover & Audit

Network Design & Architecture

Network Implementation

Monitor, Maintenance & Support

Discover & Audit

Networks grow constantly, sometimes rapidly when adapting to changes in demand or governance. The pace of change can outstrip the team’s ability to keep things meticulously documented and detailed. At ISUMO we know how important it is that the pretty picture is actually the truth! Understanding your current network is fundamental to delivering the network best suited to your organisation’s ambitions. ISUMO can deliver the changes identified from the Discover & Audit and work in partnership with you to meet your specific requirements.

Our Solutions Experts will deliver comprehensive diagrams, suggested configurations, asset records, releases/versions, end of life dates, vulnerabilities and opportunities from across your entire Network (WAN, LAN & Wi-Fi), providing workable solutions to assist with enhancing resilience and strengthening security to maintain the integrity of your network.

Why have an audit?

The IT infrastructure of your business is crucial – if it’s not constantly reviewed, you could be slowing down your efficiency and productivity levels, directly impacting your bottom line.

Here’s why we think a network audit is key:

Discover improvements & vulnerabilities – an audit will help identify opportunities for performance improvement, enhance resilience and establish all vulnerabilities.

Backup and security – data loss can be a nightmare for businesses of all sizes. An audit will advise on business best practice to avoid losing valuable information.

Visibility – network auditing will enable firms to get up-to-date with hardware, software and firmware, flagging up any systems that are end-of-life or versions which are no longer supported to ensure you are current and protected.

Increase productivity – an unreliable communications network can lead to inefficient use of business tools by a company’s workforce. An audit will highlight any issues and how to keep everyone connected and performing.

Proactive, not reactive! – staying on top of potential problems or upgrades that are due will help avoid any serious damage to a business and give total peace of mind.

Network Design & Architecture

Success is built on delivery, quality and consistency; your Network Design & Architecture needs to match your business ambitions and growth plans. As your technology requirements expand, it is vital the network can continue to support the increased demand and higher user expectation. Having a network that’s performing when you need it, at a speed that is required supports your success.

ISUMO will assess your requirements and help future-proof your network architecture, taking into account scalability, resilience and security – all key components of getting it right.

A properly considered network architecture will take into account and allow for:

Future growth or downsizing of a business
• An expanding or distributed user base
• IT network security and compliance
• Introduction of new technologies such as VoIP, virtualisation and cloud computing

Network Implementation

ISUMO’s team of IT experts will ensure your network implementation plan is rolled out in a professional, efficient manner with minimum disruption to current services.

Thanks to our decades of experience our devices and implementation will be fit for purpose, on budget and delivered with high levels of diligence guaranteed.

Monitor, Maintenance & Support

Make sure you’re not kept in the dark! Gain total visibility and control of your network with ISUMO’s network monitoring, analysis and on-going support services designed to deliver real-time 24×7 network monitoring and reporting of all network devices and the entire estate beyond, including website status visible through a tailored Dashboard.

Performance monitoring allows businesses to keep an eye on network availability, activity and performance, port activity and download and upload speed so that any impending network delays or interruptions are headed off in the event a carrier or device fails – the quicker you know about it, the quicker it can be resolved! Our 24×7 Network Support will have you covered.

Benefits of Network Monitoring

Stay ahead of the game – total visibility of potential issues thanks to live network performance data, reporting, analytics and alerting.

Fast fixes – time is money, so knowing as soon as problems occur enables us to find out how and why more quickly to intervene.

ROI – staying on top of troubleshooting and seeing where and when issues happen means we can reduce costs incurred in outages.

Safe and secure – network monitoring can help safeguard your business-critical data. Continual monitoring allows us to spot unusual activity and protect your network security.

24×7 network cover – ISUMO’s network specialists will keep a beady eye on your network assets so you don’t have to.

How will ISUMO support you?

Enhanced Support

  • Service & Device Monitoring & Alerting
  • 24 x 7 x 365
  • Remote Access to Core Devices
  • Patches, Fixes & Upgrades
  • Liaison with Supplier & Providers
  • Incident / Problem Response & Resolution

Better Performance

  • Configuration Guidelines & Standards
  • Structured Change Management
  • Network Evolution Projects
  • Capacity & Performance Planning

Enhanced Controls

  • Configuration Management Databases (CMDB)
  • Authentication Control
  • Authorisation Control
  • Command Line Change Logging
  • Security Vulnerabilities & Patch Monitoring
  • Device Configuration Backups

Visibility & Future Security

  • Monitoring Portal
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Discounted Professional Service
  • Cost Transformation & Rightsizing
  • Strategic Planning

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