Cyber security is a vital component for any business as the global threats continue to evolve at a rapid pace, but fear not! ISUMO offers a proactive, multi-layered approach to protecting your organisation against incoming threats, as well as detecting vulnerabilities and taking rapid action to fix any compromises.

Cyber security is something no business can ignore – make sure you don’t fall foul to sophisticated scams and phishing attacks!

Secure Remote Access

Business Firewalls

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Secure Remote Access

In the current climate, the number of remote workers has unsurprisingly soared. For businesses, it’s opened up the possibilities of saving money on office space, reducing travel expenses and striking a more favourable work-life balance with employees.

But how do you keep remote workers and your data safe? With ISUMO of course! We have a belt and braces approach to Secure Remote Access that prevents unauthorised access to a specific account or network.

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Secure Remote Access solutions & benefits:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) – No problem. We will work with you to create a secure Internet connection over your existing network, using advanced authentication and encryption methods to safeguard your data whilst allowing the access you need.

Multi-factor Authentication – Stronger than any password, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) increases your account security by requiring multiple forms of verification to access certain information. And the good news is, it’s easy! We will protect your identities and provider users with secure, seamless access to all their apps with one, single sign-on from any location or device!

Desktop Sharing – Desktop sharing is vital for better collaboration at work; but doing this safely and securely is key. Implement the appropriate permissions to make sure that security is in no way compromised threatening not only your data but causing unwanted disruption to your organisation.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) – Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a great tool for creating various levels of access management on different accounts. This means sensitive data can be made available to senior management staff, for example, while limiting access to other departments. Limiting access using PAM also goes some way to protecting your overall business security.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Both parts of the network infrastructure, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) work together in security harmony to analyse network traffic for signatures that match known cyberattacks while working to block new threats.

IDS identifies and mitigates ongoing attacks and abnormal activity, sourcing malware and phishing threats designed to make users reveal sensitive information. IPS partners IDS by dropping malicious packets, blocking offending IPs and alerting security staff to threats found.

The benefits of Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems:

Automation – IDS and IPS take little looking after so security teams can have peace of mind knowing things are being taken care of.

Compliance – IDS and IPS help firms tick the box for compliance, proving they are proactive and investing in complex security measures that protect data.

Policy enforcement – IDS and IPS can be used to help enforce internal security policies at network level.

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Business Firewalls

Is your business protected 24/7? ISUMO firewall services are designed to keep your business moving by continually monitoring potential threats, acting automatically to prevent breaches. Our firewalls give organisations of all sizes the visibility to detect and stop threats there and then, saving valuable time and money by avoiding business disruption.

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

A Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) goes above and beyond a traditional firewall, drawing on additional ‘uber’ tools such as application awareness and control, integrated intrusion prevention and cloud-delivered threat intelligence – the ultimate in security, connectivity and automation!

What to look for in a Next Gen Firewall:

Network visibility – keep your eye on your IT estate, always, with the careful monitoring of users, hosts and devices, and so on. Identify the origins of a threat and its actions, and see all communication between applications, websites and more!

Flexible management, customisation and roll-out – whatever will suit your business best, we deliver! Whether that’s an on-premise or cloud firewall, you will be able to customise the features your business needs, as well as how your wall is managed and at what speed!

Breach prevention and advanced security – advanced capabilities to act fast to detect and stop threats or breaches in their tracks.

Super-fast detection – we’re literally talking seconds! The longer a threat is left, the greater the damage to a business. An NGFW that truly works is one that can identify and destroy swiftly and efficiently.

Partnership – ultimately an NGFW should sit happily with your security infrastructure, communicating effectively, integrating seamlessly and automating processes to enable you to concentrate on other aspects of business.

Web Application (WAP) Firewall

Safeguard your data with confidence with our Web Application Firewall (WAP) designed to protect websites and applications from advanced cyber threats. Applications are at the heart of everyday business now, they’re central to how customers and partners connect, facilitating good business. As a result, your applications are being more commonly targeted.

A vital element in a multi-layer security strategy, our WAP works tirelessly and resourcefully to block a variety of attacks across all your apps, APIs and mobile app backends – ideal for any businesses with personally identifiable information (PII) and those with industry standards or regulatory compliance.

Benefits of a WAP Firewall:

Guaranteed protection – from web attacks to application-layer denial of service (DoS), our solution will defeat even the most sophisticated attacks looking to take down your web applications.

Banish the Bots! – pesky automated bots are a huge part of malicious traffic these days as they work to steal your data and compromise your web apps. We battle against the bots to detect, prevent and destroy their intentions, keeping your apps performing optimally for everyone from customers to employees alike

• API and Mobile App defence – maintain the security and availability of APIs which are critical to business operations in today’s world.

Fast, secure and reliable access – enjoy peace of mind with increased availability and elevated performance for all users.

Total control – obtain all the tools needed to promote simplified management and on-going unrivalled security.

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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Network auditing provides detailed insight into how effective the network structure and policies are currently and shows how secure, vulnerable or resilient your network is.

ISUMO’s Network Audit is a systematic process designed to provide visibility of an organisations security weaknesses and guidance of how to address them. We give you the tools, tactics and procedures to help best protect your business and mitigate any risks identified.

The benefits of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing:

Automation – IDS and IPS take little looking after so security teams can have peace of mind knowing things are being taken care of.

Compliance – IDS and IPS help firms tick the box for compliance, proving they are proactive and investing in complex security measures that protect data.

Policy enforcement – IDS and IPS can be used to help enforce internal security policies at network level.

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